We want to introduce Mikki, the latest member to the MIG dental team. Mikki has been helping patients have a great time in the office. We have observed stress and blood pressure levels decrease just because they are allowed a little “fur time”. Mikki is a registered service dog (reg#OSDR156205) and takes her job very seriously.

Words From Mikki:

I was rescued from an animal shelter as a pup very unsure of what my future would be. I was blessed to find a forever home with new parents who recognized my potential. I found my love for helping people because of their love for helping others. I was surprised when I was called on to help a very nervous patient with her dental work. I was happy to lay there and let her pet me so she did not think about why she was in the chair. I must have done a good job (I think I dozed off at some point) because everyone was all smiles and I received several tummy rubs after the work was done. I do love those tummy rubs! I participated in more training with my mom and now I have a job. I look forward to meeting everyone who comes to see us. I am here to help you enjoy your visit with us just like all the other team members of MIG. I prefer the paws on approach and will welcome all tummy rubs and ear scratches because I know it helps take your mind off the crazy traffic or hectic day everyone has before they come see us! I am here to serve our patients anyway I can. They tell me I will get some blog time on our Facebook page so please check that out in the future. I love having my picture taken with my friends and hope to use those in my blogs too. I will be waiting in my bed at the front office to greet you when you come see us! I LOVE MY JOB!